The legend of wu dao an in the sea of yuntai mountain

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One is the legend of the rooster
There was an old monk in the nunnery, who had once raised a rooster, and the chicken was fat and strong, and he slept at the white fruit tree in the west every night. The night and night, and the day of the morning, became an indispensable treasure of the nunnery. A day later, the monk in the temple found daylight, the cock's crow in the tree after the giggle giggle, long neck, and sometimes strength feathers all stand up straight, as in a fight with who, monk then observe, originally the maidenhair tree has a tree hole, hole has a more than a mile long centipede, red green tail, sharp claws. The cock rushes to the centipede, and the centipede comes back three feet. Peck, the centipede rolls around and the centipede never gets the upper hand. The big male in the temple was raised by the monk and liked to walk with the master. One day, the old monk went down the mountain, and the rooster followed. At the time of the chemical, a family raised a lot of chicken, the monk's this big cock has the main family of the rooster pecked away, and the other people's hen to mate. When the monk came back, he found that the rooster was not the same as it used to be. Every morning, the centipede darted forward, and the rooster pulled back three feet. One day, the rooster was killed by a centipede. The centipede in the tree was also pecked by the rooster and became a headless centipede.
The second one is the girl in white
In 1938, when the Japanese imperialists invaded China, the buddhist temple was blown up, and the nuns in the temple were living in silence, so they were ready to sell two large white fruit trees to make a living. One night, zhang, who lived in zhang Lou, had a dream that two girls in white were crying to the old man for help. The old man asked the maiden name, and where did he live? The two girls said that we were all white, and that we lived in the west of your home, and that someone would come to buy us tomorrow, and we asked the old man to help us. Looking at the two girls crying and sad, the old man was very sympathetic. The old man woke up some sleep, it is a dream, but a dream which the old man was difficult to calm, at dawn, the old man got up coming to the west, see the enlightenment temples to five or six carpenter, is preparing to put two great fruit tree cut off, the old man immediately understand what's going on, severely criticized the nun, booted out the carpenter, the two great white fruit tree's bought it, saved the two great white fruit tree's life.