The millennium stone crush saga

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The stone mill, stone mill and stone mortar were the traditional processing food utensils of Chinese peasant families, until the 1960s. I have heard it many times since I was a child, and I have always wanted to see it. It was only last year that I got my wish after eight years of retirement.
Legend has it that there was a big rich man in the ancient city of shanwan, where he hired young changchun to feed several pigs. He is very dirty and tired, and the average person would rather beg for food than deal with pigs every day. But changchun did not think, "have a job, have rice to eat". He got up early and went to bed late and beat the pig grass, the piglet, and the pig, and the pig was well fed, and was well received by the host and the people nearby.
By accident he found that the pig food, which had been run over by the owner's stone, was exquisite and refreshing, and stirred with the ground horse and wild fruit, and the pig could not finish it. He sees the stone as his good partner, often chats with it, and always wash and clean it when not in use, and eat and sleep on it.
One day, he wiped the stone and cleaned it. He gave the owner a copper coin to run over and thanked him for his unknown companion. He put the copper money under the stone and gently pushed the stone over it. The copper coin should be crushed and deformed. However, after careful reading, the copper money was not destroyed, but there were ten more.
The joy of changchun, the more the more excited, the more and more the stone rolled a circle, the result has also appeared the miracle, unexpectedly in the exit of the pan, the land dropped out a pile of copper COINS.
Changchun thought that if he did not want to get rich, he would be glad to fly to the sky.
Changchun, however, in order to keep it a secret, did not dare to try, dare to collect the money, to pretend as if nothing has occurredly appearance, with another stone grinding, continue to run over and feed pigs, as if nothing had never happened. Changchun believed that people should not be insatiable, "to receive well", the friendship of friends.
Had gone days passed quickly, the tail and head of the, changchun employment period has expired, and warrants to changchun call to front said: changchun, this period is full, it's normally, I put your money knot, you get home after a good!
After listening to the account owner, changchun let out a sigh said: my family is very poor, and early this year, the grain crop failures and back and had to dig the grassroots chew bark tide over a lean year years, I want to have much money? If you are old people willing to give, just run over the stone to give me a set, good let me go back to use it to grind the bark grass root to do spring wild! My family will thank you for your kindness.
The old club hear changchun want the stone to run away money, so pinpointed a calculate, feel to return a good deal, also the nod to say to say: just as you want, that a few stone grind to follow you to choose!
Both sides have already said that, naturally, they are paid for their work and the stones are rolled over. However, in order to avoid the regret of the owner, he confirmed to his old club that he said: "that's a good deal, but don't regret it! The old club say: never regret! Never say no!
In this way, changchun rolled the stone and rolled it into the house. He was exhausted when he moved to the "enlightenment nunnery". So he moved, want to an idea, just dig a hole where you put the stone grinding, the grinding stone into the hole and then cover with a thick layer of soil, mountain and make a mark on it, while the pan in lishi run near the west side of a piece of grass, above the cover some of the stones, covered in dirt, let a person look like small FenBao, and plant a tree on the small FenBao, such ability won't be stolen.
After a few years, changchun brought his family to the stone grind, and was stunned by the sight! The mountain slopes and small parcels of land have been covered by dense woods, and the stones they have buried are no longer found.
In the past few years, the foreign monks of the song dynasty had built a "wuzhen nunnery" here, also known as the "wudao nunnery", and some people called it "enlightenment nunnery". Changchun heard the name of these temples, and it seems that he realized the truth while still thinking of his "magic stone crush", but would not find or dig it away, let it go with Buddha forever!
The nunnery had been in the qing dynasty for twelve years and was renamed as "sanjiao temple" after reconstruction. In 1938, the sanjiao temple was bombed by Japanese planes. At present, the temple walls are in good condition. In 2008, the city's religious bureau decided to re-establish the "enlightenment nunnery", and the author, three people, came to the scene and found that the stones, which had been buried in changchun, were overjoyed and crushed.
Because the stone grinding and pan, so far, one thousand years, the rains washed out, stone grinding has been above the ground 30 cm, on stacked stone, stone pan has been out of the ground, a steamed bread of stone the edge of the pan is apparent, half plate on a stone, even a willow tree tree, its roots from chaos to the north of mountain soil in alcoves, like a large bonsai, looks very elegant and vigorous.
The legendary stone grind, which has been heard in the local people for thousands of years, has not been admitted as a "true story", but the young man's uneconomic spirit is always praised.