The ginkgo tree that talks on the sea

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Lianyungang after enlightenment is the leftover yuntai mountain national forest park, protected areas sanjiao temple in front of the plane, the east, and west growth see a ginkgo tree, trees more than one thousand as the guardians of the ancient temple, they are indomitable spirit, immense. They shade the sun, the only shade. Their children and grandchildren, a tree and a forest. They are all females, bearing fruit every year, providing tons of ginkgo. They are so old, but they are so young.
The ancient ginkgo tree in the east is 23 meters high, with a circumference of 4.50 meters and a crown of 360 square meters. This ancient ginkgo tree in the west is 24 meters high, with a chest circumference of 5.10 meters and a crown of 320 square meters. The one thousand silver tree has four characteristics: rare one, the two female ginkgo tree with a number of plant roots small ginkgo village, they around the parent tree is growing, the young trees thicknesses, form the top and bottom layers of forest, it's grandchildren, a thriving scene. The second is that the ancient ginkgo tree in the west is grown with 57 trees of unequal size, which are called tree milk, and some of them are rare. The only one of the more than 100 ancient ginkgo ginkgo that we have over 400 years of age in lianyungang city has the phenomenon of hanging tree milk; Thirdly, on the west side of the ginkgo tree parasitic on various plants, such as arbor pistacia, vine winding stone, shrubs medlar, herbaceous flower lycoris radiata, dwarf lilyturf, autumn, ginkgo biloba leaves yellow, yellow fruit, rhizoma coptidis konoha red, annatto, Chinese wolfberry annatto like pearls, lycoris radiata red flowers such as hook silk, dwarf lilyturf if green, is really a beautiful picture, a harmonious family. The two thousand years old ginkgo will "speak" and "tree language". At first, it sounds like the tree can talk and the trees have the language, which is incredible and you can't believe it
The millennium ginkgo biloba will "speak" this strange phenomenon, and I know it was the fall of 2007. In September of that year, I and my old friends, zhang mingai, and I were in the process of drafting a report on "three pieces of cloud, yellow, white and purple grass". This topic was left by the ancients, and I have heard the words from the old medicine farmers. But modern experts and authorities say that yuntai mountain has not had the herb. He told me that there was a yellow line in the ravine on the western side of the temple. He had seen it, he knew it. On the morning of September 25, I was not afraid of the heat of the day. Here, just a few steps away from the western gully, we took a rest at a bamboo grove not far from the ginkgo tree in the west. Every time I get to the nunnery, I have to look at a few thousand years old ginkgo trees and leave some photos of them to be remembered. When I looked at the tree, I suddenly noticed that the branches of the tree in the west were bare and bare, and there was no leaf of ginkgo. I took a careful look at the tree and compared it with that one in the east, and found that the western one was sick, and that it was very ill, even to the point of danger. We decided to suspend the rhizoma coptidis looking for examination, down the hill to the relevant authorities and the media to report immediately, I to "pale the evening news" to "ginkgo was dying to save one thousand" topic of source, the result meets the name into the report on this subject, and published my photograph of a dying tree. Evening of the report in the harbour city immediately caused a sensation, played the "one stone up" the role of the citizens warmly, pale the evening into the tracking reports, 12 were reported in six months time, feature articles, attracts a lot of experts come up with new ideas to rescue the disease, also had a vivid to the general public to protect fomous trees of education. Lianyungang city television station "harbour city 365" the reporters in the see the evening news about "ginkgo was dying to save one thousand" reports in a timely manner after contact with me, you want me to take them to the SuCheng enlightenment is the leftover of ancient ginkgo tree "sick" video sources, preparing reports, visit material, I agreed. On the day of the climb, we found comrade zhang yuniu of the original yellow hair top production team, because he is now the management contractor of the ancient ginkgo tree, and some things need to know him to be clear. The two of us and three of the TV crew members came to the tree under the edge of the enlightenment. The camera crew and the two of us had taped interviews to the tree. At the end of the recording, when I was talking to zhang yu-niu, he told me that the two millennium ginkgo "would say live".
He said that the people of the forest farm in this reserve had been evacuated for nearly three decades. The management of the two great white fruit trees is contracted by the villagers who live close to them. So-called management contracts, to put it bluntly, is gingko pollination by forest farm, this is a technical process, after the pollination, wait to pollinate setting ratio to see how many, again by forest and bidding (at least three people) the winning bidder to ginkgo fruit bearing has this year contract. Management is usually not to, such as fruit to fruit maturity, fruit started to fall off, put down every day collected ginkgo nut, such as closed end of the fruit is allocated according to the contract and the actual production. Zhang yuniu is the third contractor. He said: after he entered the management of ginkgo ginkgo, the mosquito was so many in September that it couldn't squatting under the tree. Only a nest on the head of a rock, a mosquito net in the nest, a mosquito coil at night, an outside care during the day, and a nest at night. The first night, he said, he had not heard anything. But the next night, just after seven o 'clock, it was dark and dark, and heard the big ginkgo in the west. Ah! Ah! A call. Began to hear the screams of the sound is considered to be an owl, then listen to again carefully, find don't like, to confirm not the voice of a bird, I opened the hand lamp illuminates the entire tree again, with a small stone again a few times, if the tree has a bird will be the light and started flying stone and the birds will stop. By this, the 'oh! Ah! Ah! Not only did it stop, but it continued. Even the big ginkgo tree on the east began to sound. Then I looked at my watch, and it was exactly seven thirty. After that, the east side of the ginkgo biloba, the west side of the tree. It's like two big trees talking in a tree, and the word is' woo ', but there are many differences in the sound. Such as length, height, speed, etc. In order to make sense of it, I walked around the two big trees to see where the sound came from. The result was that I came to the east of the tree, and the sound came out of the west of the tree. I came to the west of the tree, and the voice came out of the east. It seems that the voice is trying to hide-and-seek with me, I don't know where it comes from. But you know that the sound comes from the middle of the tree. The two thousand years of ginkgo had been "ugh" for a long time, and the sound gradually dwindled until it stopped. I looked at the watch again. It was two o 'clock in the night, and the conversation was over. I began to sleep in my den, and nothing happened. From then on, as long as the good weather, especially the windless weather, I can hear two thousand ginkgo biloba conversations every night. And it was the west that spoke first, and half an hour later, the east side opened its mouth and talked at the end of the night. In the years since zhang yu-niu has contracted the two large silver trees, two thousand years of ginkgo biloba can be heard from seven to two every night during the period between nine and October. Zhang yuniu also said that the two relatives who accompanied him to see the fruit tree in the evening confirmed that they had heard the truth about the ginkgo tree. The two former ginkgo management contractors xia and zhang also confirmed the fact that two ancient white fruit trees would make a sound during the contract. The technician Yin gong of the former forest farm also heard a dialogue between the two trees.
According to a report on, will speak of the ginkgo tree in our country at present has found there are three: the first tree is ye county in henan province is a big store township Mao Ren temple before ginkgo village, it is two strains, and conjoined, its chest circumference of 7.18 meters, 26 meters high, tree crown breadth of 270 square meters. In the branch, there was another yellow wood, which the crowd called "white fruit holding the yellow thread". But strangely enough, the crown will make a noise. Especially in the night and in the tree owl "cooing - cooing -" was even in a dark night, the bleak and gruesome scene in the deserted temple, a gruesome sight. The second plant is a plant in hunan zhangjiajie forest park, born in 1200 of the ginkgo tree, the tree 49 meters high, when the weather is hot in the summer of each year, the tree "well -- well --" sound, eighty meters far from the tree also can hear you. Among them, the third plant is a thousand male ginkgo tree in anxian county, hubei province, tall and tall, with luxuriant foliage. On attendance, after the rain could hear the tree from very far away will issue "Xi! Xi Xi!" The noise. According to experts, ginkgo tree can voice of reason: because the ancient ginkgo tree survival ages ago, trunk often empty, changes in climate conditions, due to the air flow, noise can make different hole in the tree. I think this kind of analysis is scientific, reasonable and correct. When I hear people Zhang Yuniu tell these two ancient ginkgo tree session "strange phenomenon, I immediately contacted the two big tree found hole in the tree, the sound should be the inevitable inner link with tree holes. In lianyungang city I have ever seen hundreds of more than 400 - year - old ancient ginkgo tree, the tree has a tree hole only two, can speak only for two. Also the cloud as a former village of ginkgo tree in one thousand, the cloud forest farm advocates goodness in ginkgo king temple, huaguo mountain old gentleman hall of 1200 ginkgo tree is bigger than enlightenment is the leftover, but no tree hole, never find their voice to speak. Also can explain the question.