Taizong, the legendary taizong of the yuntai mountain scenic spot in the sea

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Baoshan mountain is located in the valley of the west side of the city, the mountain is unique, the majestic show, like a giant potted landscape. There are many natural caves and strange rocks on the top of the mountain. Legend has it that li shimin, king of the tang dynasty, has collected jade's seal holes, and has been hunting for the king's cave and the hitching horse of xue yan.
There is a pyramid of hills in the city called baoshan. There is "king tang dong" on the hill, "tie ma song".
Tangwangshan its old age, one day, smell will cover Su Wenyue sea north Korean aggression datang, pioneer, Zhang Shigui son-in-law Hu Zongxian lost its forward momentum, is pushed on to advance, please court he sent his troops reinforcements. The tang wang suspected: that the gsu wenwu of martial arts, the enemy, a crime of the central plains, to defend against the zhang shigui weng young man to defeat, fortunately north Korea internal disorder, he returned to the army to be disorderly, only to solve the danger of tang dynasty. Now, he is in the middle of the crime, he must be a soldier, why is he defeated by zhang shigui? To be an expert in the camp of zhang shigui, he was put under the name of hu zongxian. Now that he is old, he must give way to his son. Had created datang jiangshan together a group of senior general, also old and useless now, if like this way, can preserve son of jiangshan, as USES in her personal expedition, visit a homo habilis, in order to protect. At present, tang wang went to the war.
When the king heard the front drum, he wanted to see which one could defeat him. He only had a horse and looked at it before the battle. Who knew that the golden crown of his dragon robe had been seen by the man, and that the horse had come after him and forced him into the mud of the lake. The horse in gesuwen is a foal, and the water and silt can only go to the end of the leg. Tang king's mount was a common horse, so it fell down. He was forced to bite his fingers and write down a book on the dragon robe.
In this desperate situation, a white horse, riding a white horse, came rushing in. The white horse was a colt, and the water and the mud could only overreach the horseshoe, and a gust of wind came before him. When he saw the white robe, he was frightened and went back to pingshan. The little prince would have to put his legs between his legs, and hold his hands to the point of the spear. Don wang asked the little man, "did you defeat gsuwen for fear of you?" The little man would not dare to reply, but he looked at the king of tang and ran to the north of the mountain.
Who will it be? It is the king of tang who wants to visit xue yan. He was duped by zhang shigui for not daring to see king tang. Zhang Shigui his exploits, in his son-in-law, expect son-in-law who have rendered meritorious service can be promoted to pioneer, promoted to marshal zhang soldiers, was a "unrivaled", in order to devise the tang dynasty. He was afraid that xue would tell the truth. "if you say to others that you can defeat him, the king will tell you to kill him," he said.
King tang was a brilliant emperor, and now he saw the details of the matter. He ordered the whole army to go north, chasing the enemy and visiting xian. The soldiers go to two mountain canyons, see the mountain potential stand out, the grotesque rocks, the stone canines staggered, like the tiger fangs. The sergeants were talking about the ambush of the enemy. When the king of tang heard it, he gave his horse a whipping and said, "if you don't enter the tiger's mouth, how will you be good?" Later generations call this mountain "tiger mouth ridge".
The lower ridge is dusk. Suddenly listen to the four drums, bang, bang, really the ambush of Gavin. The tang king looked around, surrounded by mountains, facing the sea, like a dustpan, like a pocket, which was the danger of the tiger. It turned out that he had not been able to play the game, but xue was very expensive.
When king tang was in danger, he ordered him to go and call the white coat to return to the enemy. When king tang saw that a pyramid of hills had not yet been captured by the enemy, he went up into the mountains. The arch-crosser shot at the two sides of the mountain, making the enemy not close. The son of the king of tang ordered the army officers to build the city in the north of the mountain, and the mountain city joined the camp, and invited the king of tang to the city to avoid the enemy. He went through the middle of the night, and he was tired, and he fell asleep on the little bridge under the mountain. In the twilight, I saw that the white robe would be wiped out, and then I jumped up and hugged and shouted, "you have made me hard to find the emperor!" He usually loves zha huo, frightened xue yan GUI to think that it is to find him to kill the head, raping the cheng bit jin to fall to the zhang yuan, to get out of the run.
He was afraid that he could not reply to the king's life after dayming, but he went to the camp and was furious with zhang shigui. "why didn't you follow me to the emperor when the white robe was going to be in your camp?" He pointed to his son-in-law and said, "it's right in front of you. You take it."
He said, "well, I hold his waist. If he can throw me off the abbot, I will take it. If I can't, I'll be strangled." Although he was old, he tried to fake it in this way. Cheng then went to his son-in-law and gave him a hard hug, strangling a living man. Zhang shigui was scared to face the earth, quietly hand over xue yan GUI, let him lead to resume life.
By this time, it was clear that the city under the mountain had been built. When he went up to see the king of tang, he saw that the king's horse was tied to a pine tree covered with an umbrella. King tang was sitting in a great cave, and he was able to raise the enemy. Tangwangshan son to ask tangwangshan into the city to avoid the enemy, tangwangshan exclamation, and said, "since the ancient times, the father prince city. This personal expedition, to find out, keep you in the future hold at datang. Now leading, troops, just can't go to town to avoid enemy? Between this night, have a to a city, because of the mountain of the conjugate enemy! This mountain is called 'protect the mountain!" Xue rengui took the courage to destroy the enemy.
The name of "su wen-ding", which has been held by the people of the world, is known as "su wen-ding".