The legend of the great masts of the mount yuntai

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Big mast pointed, in lianyungang city north of yuntai mountain, with two mast pointed, three mast with close connected, and shaped like a sea ship three tall masts, for north yuntai mountain peak, 605.5 meters above sea level, is very spectacular.
Once upon a time, there lived a father and a son on the beach. Father and son are not afraid of the wind and the wind, can endure hardship, will calculate, the day passes well.
When the son reached the age of marriage, he said that he had been engaged in a marriage, which was to be betrothal in the next spring. After the year, father and son together, the money of the house is not quite enough, decide to catch the night to catch the night to fish and fish shrimp, make up the money, and then build the house again.
On this day the father and his son went out again, and the first few nets flourished, and the nets were two or three feet long. They were full of joy until it was dark, and the fish was full.
The sun descended on the mountain, and the clouds came up, and the wind blew. Waves the zhangs' father and son of the ship into the shore, won't put the rudder, about two or three miles offshore, suddenly a "crack" sound, the bottom hit the reef, broke a big hole in the water and wash up, stab thorn sinking ship. The boat sank in the blink of an eye.
The zhangs, holding a broken board, were planning to run for their lives. As he was about to swim, his father suddenly said, "son, if we were to go, would anyone know that there was a dark mountain hidden under the water?
The son nodded and said yes, but no idea. The father had a claim that "hulong" sank to the bottom. After a while, drill out of the water, said: "we ship mast pointed out of the water less than a person high, son, if it is to let fishermen don't suffer, we drill to the bottom and top it up. The mast above the water, fishing boats to see the past, you can avoid them."
The son repeatedly nodded, but very worried about the daughter-in-law, afraid that she was sad. The father said to his son, "the girl will know that when she looks at the sea, she will see the masts of our father and son, and she will praise you!"
When they agreed, they sank to the bottom and put the boat in. From then on, the masts rose high above the water and saved countless passing ships.
I don't know how many years ago, the masts became a mountain peak, slowly rising up into the cloud, which became the second highest peak in jiangsu province after the jade female peak.