Mountain waterfall

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The first flying waterfall in jiangsu, the three-fold waterfall is over 100 meters, the third stage waterfall is in the valley of the valley, the time is in the present, the magnificent!
The boat hill, located at the east side of the chengcheng scenic area, is the shelter of the boat. The mountain has "the wall of the yan king", "the curtain cave", "the water cliff" three places, formed three fold falls, collectively called "the ship mountain flying waterfall".
After the storm, you can hear the roar of the waterfall crashing down the valley. On the top of the hill, the view organ pavilion, which is red in the red column, looked up and saw the full view of the waterfall. The waterfall flows along the valley, and the clouds of the mountain stream are floating in the stream, and the cascade falls in the valley.
Reward organ guideline: the top, about 3 meters wide of the water, from the first vertical precipice - "the yan wall" circumstance, drops more than 50 meters, practice hung, like white on organ and this is the name "dangling" practice.
The waterfall falls into a ravine, which is hidden for tens of meters, and meets a cliff, which is about 10 meters high. There is a big hole in the cliff, known as the "curtain cave", which is about 10 meters long, about 8 meters wide and about 2 meters high. The waterfall in front of the cave is broken down and the jade is thrown on the top of the waterfall.
The stream is about 200 meters in line, and falls to the lower waterfall -- "dripping cliff". The water cliff is over 10 meters high and 20 meters wide. The rock is erect like a wall, the stream water reaches its top, becomes a horizontal exhibition of white practice, the waterfall vertical rainbow, the sound like thunder, the mountain song valley should. The stream of water flows down into the bottom of the mountain.
The north end of the cliff has a natural stone cave, such as a house. It is a herringbone cave formed by fissures. You can sit in a hole. Looking out from the hole, the dongting waterfall has been turned into countless streams, like the curtain of a string of billions of pearls, glittering and dazzling. People call this lower organ, called "ver-beaded".