The trip to the sea mount yuntai mountain resort is to be determined

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Travel between green hills and green water to learn to walk. "Walking classics" is easy, enjoyable and safe; Instead, they are tired, nervous and even injured.
Do not jump
Three steps and a two-step or bouncing jump can add to the burden of the knee and ankle, and can easily be tired or injured.
You want it to be uniform
Constant walking is the most physically demanding, and it helps to maintain a good attitude. A short walk is the most tiring.
Fast to slow to return
The morning getaway can go a little faster, and the evening return is slower to avoid fatigue joints and tendon injuries.
Walking slope
Go down the hill as far as possible, walk down the mountain slope. This is more in line with mechanical and physiological requirements, and is safe and efficient.
Walk hard
It is more efficient and safe to walk on hard ground such as cement, asphalt and SLATE than on soft ground, such as grassland, river beach and wetland.
Avoid sliding is acerbity
It would be better to go around the road from the more difficult snow, the grassy slope, and the slippery and dangerous surface of the ice and gravel. For safety.
There are three other things that are relevant.
The first is to wear soft soles and shoes, such as sneakers and hiking shoes, never wear high heels and platform shoes.
Second, it is the most labor-saving with the Fanny pack, followed by the shoulder bag, shoulder bag, and hand items.
The third is to ask the way to avoid the wrong way, do not "feel the stones crossing the river".