To visit the sea mount yuntai mountain scenic spot to visit the precautions

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1. Plan the travel route ahead of the line, fully understand the traffic conditions, and enter the mountainous area to pay attention to the collapse of the falling stone and the shoulder of the road.
2. Drive to the mountain by yourself, and make sure to maintain the car in advance, and pay attention to the gas stations, repair shops and hospitals along the route.
3. Before climbing, you should know your health condition and take medicine at any time. If there are high mountain reactions, fear of heights and physical discomfort, don't go uphill.
4. Pay special attention to clothing and shoes before mountaineering, and try to light up the mountain with less clutter to lighten the load. Shoes, cloth shoes, sneakers, and other flats should be used. Do not wear high heels so as to avoid the inconvenience and safety of climbing mountains. Use crutches to pay attention to selection, weight and fit.
5. Attention should be paid to the weather forecast before the line, and clothing should be added and reduced in time. In the rain, you can't use umbrellas in the mountains. You should use rain poncho, which is to protect lightning and prevent the wind from the mountain. It's more slippery to walk on a mountain.
6, do not walk, walk without view. Special attention should be paid to safety when taking photos. Choose a place and Angle that can guarantee safety, especially if the rocks are weathered.
7. Pay attention to the safety of your own travel, do not go to the unopened tourist mountains and dangerous mountains; Avoid unmanaged mountain play; Swimming and splashing in the waters of deep pools and streams that are not managed by lifeguard; Observe and travel in accordance with the warning and prohibition of signs.
Pay attention to the fire prevention in the forest area.
9. Take care of the natural environment and not destroy the landscape resources; Maintain a clean environment and do not throw away rubbish.
10. Take care of your money, prevent loss and theft, especially the mobile phone, camera and other common things.