The old city cloud tea

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Cloud and mist, made yuhua district, "biluochun" as the three famous tea in jiangsu, SuCheng cloud tea has inheritance in one thousand, famous, had to emperor qianlong praised, left a "dragon ball chicken pie" and "topic SuCheng mountain cloud tea gobbledygook" YuBi. The line is round, shaped like a brow, the peak seedling, the green, the long lasting, the taste is fresh, the tang color is clear, the leaf bottom is uniform. In 1921, the cloud tea produced by "tree art company" was awarded for its quality. In 1980, there were four famous teas in jiangsu province, including yuhua tea in the city of suzhou and yuhua tea, in suzhou, and two spring silver in wuxi.

Yuntai mountain cloud tea, with its color, fragrance, flavor, and form, is among the famous tea in taihu lake, nanjing rain flower and other famous tea. In ancient times, the monks of zhengan 'an were carefully made, and had to be two or three jin. Cloudy tea is famous for its characteristics of "MSG, color show, fragrant jasmine, liquid clear". "The new Chronicles of yuntai" contains: "tea, the mountain of the city of suzhou, the taste of the shape of wuyi, the sex of the chipping, with the understanding of the nunnery is the most." , say again: "mountain is big end with salt, tea, take an examination of the Li Xinchuan, since the building of the inflammation in stories, the tea six Que, haizhou and how its. Haizhou tea mountain, degree without yuntai. Today but the enlightenment is the leftover of SuCheng still tea tree, age of one, two jins, such as dragon group of mountain monk secret chicken pie." "The deep stream protects the field of the multi-tour valley, the cold cloud raises the hole has a group tea." Haizhou qing year Tang Zhongmian also treat it as a "dragon ball chicken pie" tea king, qing Cheng Xuehuan for it in the yuntai the mountains JiYou spray spray praise way: "optimum yuntai cloud monk reimbursement of tea, spring clean fragrance fins, Bai Yue lapses in those days, unlike the seaside flavor." During the song dynasty, the cloud tea was listed as a tribute, "a fine basket of cloud tea, which runs the vogong imperial family."