At sea, yuntai mountain and the island reach a ticket

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Even the island and the sea mount yuntai realize a ticket to the package sale price to 95 yuan
China jiangsu network - August 31 (lianyungang daily reporters A correspondent Xu Li Cui Yuting) for a long time, "create shanhai embrace well-known tourist city" is the city a famous tourist slogan. In recent days, the two major national 4A scenic spots, including the island and the sea of yuntai, have a tourist ticket system that allows visitors to enjoy the views of the mountains and seas in the eastern part of the city with a ticket. At this point, shanhai swim from the slogan to the reality.
Previously, many travel agencies, including local, when making tourist routes and products, and is often combined with the price, transportation and other factors, to the city of yuntai mountain, huaguo mountain and sea dragon jian, such as the forest tourism resources, combined with the nearby rizhao, Qingdao coastal resources, cross-regional create shanhai tour products. But for our city, it's a huge economic loss. It's not just a ticket. The combined income of overnight visitors is likely to be several times that of a ticket.
I learned from the lianyun district that the plan for the two major scenic spots to implement the joint ticket mechanism has been in the making for a long time. "Tourists have to spend 130 yuan to go to two major scenic spots. Now, the ticket packages of the two major scenic areas are packed and sold, and tourists can visit even the island and mount yuntai mountains for only 95 yuan." Lianyun style tourism related responsible for the peoples armed xing long said, both at a disadvantage to tourists, and formed the linkage effect of the mountain tourism, is a complementary resources, advantages, also can form a strong competitive advantage.
At the same time, the link between yuntai mountain and the 4a-level scenic area of the island is also helpful to build a large tourism cluster of our city. After lianyun promotes yuntai mountain and sea lianyungang old street to create national 5 a grade scenic spot and ecological tourism demonstration area, integrating SuCheng ship in the mountains, protect, maple bay, such as tourism resources, overall planning and construction, prosperous town market, perfect the commercial forms, cultivating ecological sightseeing and leisure shopping tourism products, achieve lianyun ancient town, the linkage of the port, maritime yuntai mountain tourist area development and operations, become a new growth pole and regional tourism development of the whole city's touristry new luminescent spot. On the other hand, the island resort is restricted by the coastline, making it difficult to make more breakthroughs in the product richness and vacation leisure products. After the interaction with the offshore yuntai mountain plate, it can break the barrier to some extent and realize the advantage of the scenic spot.
After the problem, there are many other things to do in our city, including transportation facilities, catering, shopping and other supporting facilities. In the past, the city has also opened the scenic tourist bus between the island and the flower fruit mountain, which is convenient for tourists. Now, even after the island and the sea, yuntai mountain, should also be the first to break the traffic barrier between the scenic spots, open the shuttle bus, let visitors easy to swim. At the same time, in the aspect of building of the tourist souvenirs, also can form the linkage of the scenic spot, the theme of the application or the other, or takes mountain-sea theme development of fusion, will greatly enrich the connotation of tourist souvenirs, takes mountain-sea brand, to ring.