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Yuntai mountain -- the first place in the east China sea

Yuntai mountain, located in lianyungang city, jiangsu province in lianyun.Three facing the sea, yuntai mountain national scenic spot mountain hug to each other, is a treasure trove of rare creatures, is the first leg of the Buddha from the sea to lingshan scenic spot is the natural and cultural collaborations, grand view and cultural heritage, has a very rare mountain since ancient times as “the first scenic spot in the east China sea”.Yuntai mountain town of the ancient sea yingzhou, yingzhou n...MORE

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At sea, yuntai mountain and the island reach a ticket

Even the island and the sea mount yuntai realize a ticket to the package sale price to 95 yuan China jiangsu network - August 31 (lianyungang daily r...

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The sucheng reservoir and tiangeng pavilion

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